Monthly Archive: November 2016

From rags to riches

It was really a “Cubstock”. Millions of  fans turned out in downtown Chicago to celebrate their idols. After years of waiting and suffering…yes it was worth it!

Cubstock is over (I have a feeling that Cubs fans will celebrate the 2016 Fall Classic for years…), so…where did this epic ring come from? This season Cubs reached 103 wins (2016 MLB record), this was an unforgettable season although we could explain their wins taking a period of time that starts from its rebuilding process. From 2012 Cubs performances show a solid trend that begins obviously from the year Theo Epstein came to the Windy City as president of baseball operations (All STATS provided as usual from Fangraphs).

Looking at some hitting and pitching key metrics, the trend is clear (just the BB% raised this year to 8.3 from 6.8 in 2015):


finally, defense. Now the trend is not stable due to the 2014 season but anyway they reached the 115,5 peak from the 25,6 of the 2011 season.

The Cubs defense in 2016 was stellar. Compare their gloves to other excellent teams defense.


At last…they did it!

I have no words to describe these winning Cubbies…I could say something on the longest losing streak in the professional sport, on the unbelievable emotions that game-7 gave us, I could quote Epstein, Maddon, Bryant, Ross, or even Bill Murray.  The only keyword that could explain what the Front Office, the guys, the entire Cubs Nation did to arrive here is…as someone once said..

“People ask me a lot about the values I got from playing for the Cubs for so many years. The value I got out of it was…patience
Ernie Banks