Monthly Archive: July 2017

All Star Break: National League Division Race Charts

Since we are in the mid-season break, I have created charts that summarize how teams went the first part of the season. I have created graphs that draw the teams that have gained (or lost) games over or under .500.

This viz is not new. It has already been used by Espn until 2004 and by some users in the Edward Tufte blog. I consider it one of the graphics that best expresses  a good view of sports standings.

Ok,  now let’s enjoy the division races views from April to the All Star Break (National League, click to enlarge).

The goodnumbers Power Rankings

Espn or SI Power Rankings are an easy and quick way to read a recap of the MLB teams’ strenght. In this post I want to show you my Power Rankings way. I chose to use less words and more graphics to tell you how good or bad was your team.

Let’s starts with the win loss records (click to enlarge):

Red Sox and Dodgers are first in wins, good news from Cleveland and St Louis (8 wins).  Let’s take a look at the PCT:

No surprises from Houston and Los Angeles, Boston take the lead in AL EAST thanks to their .692 record, Giants show a sign of life and Yankees, Colorado and Rangers are suffering slumps.

Finally, the Runs Scorerd and Runs Allowed (click to enlarge).

Dodgers had an excellent pitching allowing only 30 runs. Cleveland showed a good offense and a strong pitching gaining an excellent run differential.