1997-2016: The Big Papi years

One month left to the Opening day and sure we will miss the Red Sox no. 34.
How big was David Ortiz? One of the most hitters of the MLB, certainly the best as DH.

The strength of Big Papi. The Dominican-born player come into the 30 players club who hit more HR all time. It precedes the likes of Ted Williams, Ernie Banks and Lou Gehrig.
In the fourteen years of stay in Boston he has achieved 483 HR with Boston and 58 in the first years with Minnesota.The best period of Ortiz was between 2003 and 2007, making a series of outstanding performances in WAR. Note that in 9 years he  has produced a WAR of 3+.

And finally the Big Papi card. In it I entered some records that represent him (including regular season and postseason).
Thanks for all Big Papi and good luck for the coming years…


The MVP cards

2017 has begun and April days are still to come…after posting the CY Cards I want to show you the 2016 MVP cards. Let’s celebrate these guys..welcome Kris and Mike into the goodnumbers cards! (click to enlarge)



The goodnumbers cards

Today  I want to show you the first players cards. What is a card? Basically a card is a graphic element in which I can put numbers, graphs, images and rearrange all this items according to the dataviz principles.

I started my work creating the first two cards. Here is the 2016 CY Young winners cards: Max Scherzer and Rich Porcello. (click to enlarge)