MLB 2017

NL CY Young contenders: Scherzer or Kershaw?

Today I want  to compare in a quick and simple way two of the best Aces in National League and sure 2017 Cy Young contenders: Max Scherzer and Clayton Kershaw.

IP Scherzer: 160.1

IP Kershaw: 141.1

Looking at their peripherals: (click to enlarge)

Scherzer is ahead on Strikeout percentage but Kershaw is better at concending Walks.  As the xFIP, the Dodgers’ ace is excellent.

Assuming xFIP is a better indicator than FIP, we can compare ERA and xFIP:

Both starters had a better ERA so far altough Scherzer’s span is longer and Kershaw’s xFip is slightly below 3.

Finally, we take a look at ERA- over the first four month.

Kershaw had a better April and an outstanding July, Scherzer did better in May and was amazing in June.